Werckmeister Harmonies

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  • Minneapolis, MN
    Trylon Cinema
    Opens Feb 2
    February 2 - 5 2820 E 33rd. St. 55406

Past screenings

Date Venue
Opened May 26 Film at Lincoln Center Film at Lincoln Center
Opened Jun 2 Cinéma Moderne Cinéma Moderne
Opened Jun 6 Aero Theatre Aero Theatre
Opened Jun 8 Broadway Theatre Broadway Theatre
Opened Jun 9 SIFF Cinema Egyptian SIFF Cinema Egyptian
Opened Jun 9 The Belcourt Theatre The Belcourt Theatre
Opened Jun 9 The Frida Cinema The Frida Cinema
Opened Jun 10 Gateway Film Center Gateway Film Center
Opened Jun 10 Lightbox Film Center Lightbox Film Center
Opened Jun 16 Atlanta Plaza Theatre
Opened Jun 16 Speed Art Museum Speed Art Museum
Opened Jun 17 Texas Theatre Texas Theatre
Opened Jun 17 Time & Space Limited/TSL Time & Space Limited/TSL
Opened Jun 24 Metro Cinema Society Metro Cinema Society
Opened Jun 30 Cine Cine
Opened Jun 30 St. Louis Webster Film Series
Opened Jul 2 Los Feliz 3 Los Feliz 3
Opened Jul 6 Cleveland Cinematheque Cleveland Cinematheque
Opened Jul 7 Maine International Film Festival Maine International Film Festival
Opened Jul 7 Roxie Theater Roxie Theater
Opened Jul 8 Billy Wilder Theater Billy Wilder Theater
Opened Jul 14 UW Cinematheque UW Cinematheque
Opened Jul 23 The Cinematheque The Cinematheque
Opened Aug 5 Starr Cinema Starr Cinema
Opened Aug 9 Alamo Drafthouse Cinema La Vista Alamo Drafthouse Cinema La Vista
Opened Aug 11 Dairy Center for the Arts Dairy Center for the Arts
Opened Aug 11 The Revue Cinema The Revue Cinema
Opened Aug 13 Las Vegas The Beverly
Opened Aug 21 Campus Theatre Campus Theatre
Opened Aug 24 Oklahoma City Museum of Art Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Opened Aug 25 Brattle Theatre Brattle Theatre
Opened Aug 25 MFA Houston MFA Houston
Opened Aug 26 AFS Cinema AFS Cinema
Opened Sep 1 Civic's 19th Street Theatre Civic's 19th Street Theatre
Opened Sep 8 Gene Siskel Film Center Gene Siskel Film Center
Opened Sep 28 Milwaukee Film Milwaukee Film
Opened Oct 1 Amherst Cinema Amherst Cinema
Opened Oct 10 Toronto TIFF Bell Lightbox
Opened Oct 12 FilmScene Chaucey FilmScene Chaucey
Opened Oct 13 Bijou Bijou
Opened Nov 10 Cornell Cinema Cornell Cinema
Opened Nov 20 Bryn Mawr Film Institute Bryn Mawr Film Institute